5-6 November      IRAQ ، FALLUJAH

Second Annual International Conference on Human Sciences(AICHS’19)


النسخة العربية


will be announced shortly.....

Registration Fees

Students must provide proof of current enrollment or ID to the Conference Secretariat through email.


Author Types

For  UoF participants

For Iraqi,  and authors who work or live in low-income countries (Early-Bird)

Regular Registration


Arabic Lnaguage Paper

100 USD

150 USD

150 USD


Eng. Lnaguage Paper

200 USD

300 USD

300 USD

Attendance 50 USD 50 USD 50 USD

Extra Proceedings

30 USD

30 USD

30 USD



Conference Packages (all conference materials, coffee breaks, lunch and dinner, etc.)

15 Minutes Presentation Time

Publication fee

Early Registration is available till the 25th of Oct. 2019.

late is available till the 2nd of November 2019.


Conference Packages (all conference materials, coffee breaks, lunch and dinner)

15 Minutes Presentation Time


Conference Packages (all conference materials, coffee breaks, lunch and dinner)


The accommodation fee is not included in the registration fee. You are suggested to make the room reservation as early as you can.

Onsite Registration:

We could accept listener registration in the conference site only. Author and presenter registration cannot be accepted in the conference site. So please complete the registration on time.


  • The registration fee cannot be refunded when the VISA application of individual being denied.
  • The registration fee cannot be refunded for any reason caused by delegates.


Methods of payment:

  • Western Union to Dr.Omer K. Jasim Mr. Omar Waleed Jawad
  • Cellphone: 00964-7812182165 or 07829081110
  • Email: omerk.jasim@uofallujah.edu.iq



  • We only include the papers of the registered authors to the Final Program.

Review Criteria


  1. The research should be consistent with the themes of the conference and should comply with the standards of research methodology. Papers are forwarded to aichs@uofallujah.edu.iq   
  2. The research paper should not be submitted for publication to another party.
  3. The researcher or his co-author should present the paper in person.
  4. Papers are accepted in Arabic and English.
  5. Paper pages should not exceed 20 ones .
  6. Papers must be prepared and delivered in a PPT format.
  7. Researcher must retain an active email to keep liaison with the conference PoC.
  8. All papers are subject to plagiarism standards.
  9. All papers are subject to a peer-review by at least three peer-reviewers in the AICHS’19 Scientific Committee.



Conference Chair

Prof.Mohammed A. Alhamdany

President of University of Fallujah, Iraq


Scientific Committee



  •     Asst.Prof.Dr.Ahmed Sulaiman Hamd , University of Fallujah ,  Iraq                       Chair                                                                                   
  •     Prof. Dr.Hashem Jameel , Entrepreneur ,  Iraq
  •     Prof. KhaledArn , Ircica University ,Turky
  •     Qasim Alassi ,  Ex-professor of Fairfield University & New York University
  •     Prof. Ent. Emad A. Khalil , Mousl Univiersity ,  Iraq
  •     Prof. Fadhel Bayat ,  Ircica University ,  Turky
  •     Prof. Emad A. Raoof  ,  Entrepreneur , Iraq
  •     Prof. Ent. Ebrahim Al-Alaaf , Univeirsity of Mousl , Iraq
  •     Prof. Mohammed A. AL-Kubassy  ,  Entrepreneur  , Iraq 
  •     Prof. Dr. Enver Arpa , Social Sciences University Of Ankara , Turky
  •     Prof. Burhan A. Oglou , Univerisity of Ibn Khaldon , Turky
  •     Prof. Zakarai Korshon ,  Fatih Sultan Mehmet University ,  Turky
  •     Prof. Abd Al-Jalel Altimemi  ,Tounis University  , Tounis
  •     Prof. Mohammed M. Thweb , University of Tripoli , Libya    
  •     Prof. Alaa Abo El-Hasan Al-Alaq , National Articles and Books Center    
  •     Prof. Dr. Ahmet Agirakca ,  Professor of History (Islamic History) President of Artuklu University in Mardin  ,  Turky
  •     Prof. Dr. Cengiz Tomar , co-president of Ahmed Yesevi University ,  Kazakhistan
  •     Prof. Dr. Huseyin Yilmaz , Professor of Ottoman History in George Mason University USA
  •     Prof. Dr. Jamal Hashim Aldhuwaib , University of Anbar  , Iraq
  •     Prof. Dr. Tariq A.  Ahmed , University of Fallujah , Iraq
  •     Prof. Dr. Salih Mmhammed Salih Al-Ainaamy  , University of Fallujah  , Iraq 
  •     Prof. Dr. Saadi Ibrahim aldarraji , university of Baghdad , Iraq 
  •     Assist. Prof. Dr. Taha Affan al hamdani , University of Fallujah , Iraq 
  •     Assist. Prof. Dr. Hatem H. AL - Shujairi , University of Fallujah , Iraq 

Organizing Committee



  • Prof.Sulaiman Barrak ,  University of Fallujah ,  Iraq                                    Chair

  •  Assist .Prof. Mohamed Hadi Mohamed , University of Fallujah ,  Iraq      

  • Assist .Prof. Raad Naji ,  University of Fallujah ,  Iraq     

  • Assist. Prof. Omer K. Jasim , University of Fallujah ,  Iraq

  • Dr Hamid Madloul ,  University of Fallujah ,  Iraq      


Operational Support 



  • Assist. Prof. Omer K. Jasim , University of Fallujah ,  Iraq                               Chair              
  • Mufeed H. Salih ,  University of Fallujah ,  Iraq 
  • Omar Waleed  ,  University of Fallujah  , Iraq 
  • Bassim M. Abduallah ,  University of Fallujah ,  Iraq 
  • Noora yassir  , University of Fallujah ,  Iraq 
  • Rami N.  Latif  ,  University of Fallujah  , Iraq
  • Mohammed A. Hussien  , University of Fallujah ,  Iraq
  • Esraa A. Ahmed , University of Fallujah ,  Iraq
  • Mohammed A. Hamdan ,  University of Fallujah , Iraq

Publicity Committee 



  • Muhammed Fazaa Abdulrazaq , University of Fallujah ,  Iraq                           Chair

  • Najwa B. Yakub , University of Fallujah ,  Iraq

  • Omar M. Abdallah , University of Fallujah ,  Iraq

Conference Program

will be announced shortly.....

Key Dates



Highlights Date

Abstract Registration Due

June, 10, 2019

Notification Due

June, 15, 2019

Submission Due

Sep., 1, 2019

Final Version Due

October, 01, 2019



Authors can forward copies of their papers via aichs@uofallujah.edu.iq or via the conference website (http://aic-hs.uofallujah.edu.iq )



An agreement was signed with the open access KnE Database. The KnE offers the conference a strong visibility by granting a open-access e-research release issue to all conference proceeding accessible to all researchers worldwide. KnE ensures a high-quality review criteria committed to all technical requirements related to journal indexing services.





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Email Address:aichs@uofallujah.edu.iq

offical page : @AICHS19

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